I recently purchased a Toyota Sienna from Russell. He was easy to work with and made the buying experience easy. He handled all the registration paperwork and even brought the vehicle to my city to my mechanic so that he could inspect it before we bought it. He was honest and straightforward. We have been very happy with the vehicle. We did have a mechanic issue a couple months in that was not Russell's responsibility anymore, but he took it upon himself to line up a mechanic and fix it - free of charge. Most people are not that caring stand-up these days. I would definitely do business with him again.
Shawn Callahan - West Sacramento, CA
Working with Russell has been a very pleasant experience. I called Russell after viewing a Subaru that he was selling. He is easy to talk to and work with. After answering all my questions, we agreed on an excellent price. After doing additional research on the specific vehicle and Russell’s business, I had some concerns and many more questions. I followed up with a second call to Russell and he very patiently answered my many questions and addressed my concerns about his business. After explaining his “business model” and verifying his DMV dealership license number, I had high confidence in him and his integrity. After some additional conversations with Russell, he agreed to take the car to an independent dealership, of my choosing, for a full pre-purchase inspection that I would pay for. The night before the inspection, a good friend of mine sold me his older vehicle at a very reasonable price. Although I did not complete my transaction with Russell, I believe him to be an honest person that is ready to accommodate the needs of his customers. I will most certainly work with Russell for the next vehicle I purchase.
Jorge S. - s Pass, Oregon
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